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If you are planning to replace or repair the roof on your home then you must be confused on what roofer to hire because that task is certainly confusing to do. But we are here for you to give you tips in choosing the right roofing contractor so that you will not be wasting your money, time and efforts for something that is not worth it.


Get the best value out of your money by following these simple and easy steps, continue reading below:


You have to make sure that the contractor you are about to hire has liability and worker’s liability insurance and you can ask them if they would gladly show you their certificates and you can even call the insurance company to confirm if their certificates are valid and working.

This is very important so that you will be able to know that there is security on the money that you are spending and that your home and roof is safe as well.


Make sure that what you are hiring is not just local roofing contractors but also a contractor who is well known for its great services and they are already established in the place where you are living in. This is very important because you will not be worrying about the warranty, some people are complaining that the company that they chose moved to another city, closed or thing like that and they will not be able to claim their warranty, this is why you should choose the best one out of all of them and it is better to choose the one who has established a name in this industry.

It is also very easy to present your concerns and questions if the company you are going to hire are just in your locality. You will not have a problem of travelling far just to get to them and ask them questions about their services or rates.


Don’t use the price as the sole reason for you to choose a particular company because when a company is super cheap then that means that they do not have insurance and all that jazz to protect your money and your home because things like that will really drive up  the price for the contractors.

It is better to be spending a little more money on a company who’s going to do their job very well as compared to those small-time companies. Although in the beginning it might look super affordable but these kinds of work does not meet the right quality and you will just end up paying for more for repairs and things like that so it is better to spend your money on something a little bit expensive and not worry for it for years than spending money on the cheap ones and end up spending double your first set of expenses.

Also, a great advice for you is that you should avoid those roofers who just knock on your door and give you an estimate and tells you that your roof really needs a re-do, because they will not have an insurance to protect your home and your family members and you will just end up spending more when they fail on their jobs. Instead, you must go to a roofing contractor that has a sign in area or an office and has a list of satisfied clients already.


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You must not take shortcuts when you are installing your roof because it is a big investment and you would not want to waste all your money, time and effort with this. There are a lot of things and variable to consider before you can even choose the right roofing contractor but if, by the end of the day, you will decide on working it by yourself then you should know what to do and what not to do. You should pay attention to the details for you not to mess it up.


Below will be a lot of do’s and don’ts in roofing practices and if you want to do it well, stick and read around until you get the hold of it. Here are they:

One main reason why your roof is leaking is because of using staples when installing the shingle. The roof just like people also ages because of the varying climate and weather, the back part of the staple will slide back and forth to the back of the shingle and eventually it will go up on your shingle. In the roofing body, there should be no fasteners that can be seen.

If you are installing a brand new roof then you have to make sure that what you are using is a new starter row of roofing. You can do this by flipping three shingles upside down and make sure that you attach it at the bottom of the roof then you can now put or install the very first roofing right at the top of the base or the starter row. The starter shingle should be cut off by ten inches so that its keys and the first layer will not line up. And keep in mind that their keys should be nine to ten inches away from the row beneath it.

Replace the wall step shingles into a new metal step shingles when you are replacing the roof because when the many layers of the old roof are removed then the level of the roofing materials will also drop, this will mean that the metal step shingles in the sides of the house will no longer be flushed at the very top of the roof. You need to be precise upon doing this because you do not want to fail and cause leakage and other terrible things to your home.

If your roof is leaking, it is probably because your plywood sheeting is already soft and rotten by constant exposure to water, sunlight and other damages that an animal can do (like rats, cockroaches and other filthy animals). Remember to not install your new roof on the old plywood sheeting because it will just be a waste of time because you are installing it to a base that can never be a good foundation for a good roof. The nail and all the materials will not be able to hold to the ancient plywood sheeting. When a great wind comes, it can surely remove your whole roof because of this. So if you are being advised by your roofing contractor to change the plywood sheeting, then you must really do it to avoid problems like that because it is one of the most important things to turn your attention into. And you would want to lose a whole roof just because you did not pay attention to one detail, right?


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